⌚ Attendance management
Attendance attendance with browser

Attendance and attendance stamps in a browser Workcloud can be installed in each employee's browser, eliminating the need for time cards and engraving machines.
By setting the stamping function to the company's IP address, it is possible to limit the marking to only within the company.

Attendance attendance at SUICA / PASMO
With the introduction of the Android card reader function, it is possible to further simplify the management of working hours for employees.
The working hours are automatically recorded by simply holding the SUICA/PASMO used by each employee over the screen of the Google Nexus 7 tablet (about 20,000 yen at the internet shop *as of July 2015).
Batch time input
There are many functions to shorten the work hours input work, and if you use "Spread Sheet Editor", you can also set batch input for multiple days.
Overtime calculation
You can grasp the overtime level of the entire company at any time by counting the hours worked and overtime in real time from the time stamps of employees.
Workcloud supports various overtime calculations (within/outside legal hours, midnight, and legal holidays). Day/week/month overtime calculation is also possible. In addition, various overtime adjustments can be set for each employee.