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​A modern system ​with online expert staff to support your payroll!

iAP is a professional team that provides payroll and accounting tax services with the latest system throughout Japan.

 Use Ascender's Workcloud for one-stop online payroll calculation, attendance management, year-end adjustment, and all other personnel and labor management! We will even file tax returns. We will respond to customers' requests by outsourcing our payroll calculation work. Please feel free to contact us.


扶養内で働くと意味はどのようなものでしょうか? 扶養控除には税務上の扶養と社会保険上の扶養の2つがあります 税制上の扶養控除は、所得税や住民税の控除や、配偶者控除・配偶者特別控除に関するもの(配偶者控除・配偶者特別控除の詳しい解説は下記)。社会保険上の扶養控除は、健康保険や...


本年はコロナ禍で、たくさんののフリーランスの方は赤字転落も余儀なくされる方も多いと思いますが、昨年はあんなに税金を支払ったのに。。。。その場合は、繰戻し還付を適用し昨年の納税を取り戻す制度があります。 昨年税金を支払った人かつ青色申告を提出されている方は是非一度ご相談くださ...


国税庁HPで個人事業者と給与所得者の区分は見解がしめされていて、以下の場合は個人事業なります。 (1) その契約に係る役務の提供の内容が他人の代替を容れるかどうか。 (2) 役務の提供に当たり事業者の指揮監督を受けるかどうか。...

HR business service

Our HR Services

​Premium Pack HR

In addition to online payroll, Professional handles labor and human resources.

Experienced professionals and bilingual experts automate input work, internal application/approval work, and fully integrate with workflows such as expense settlement. In addition, there is hotline support by the call center.

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Online payroll. Time management

Workcloud Online

With Workcloud of Ascender Japan, you can get the latest system from attendance to monthly salary calculation, fully automated, attendance management with SUICA/PASMO.

Also, salary details will be provided in Japanese or English according to the language of the employee.

Social insurance business, year-end adjustment, taxation, filing

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Bilingual qualified personnel will support your daily operations.

Support is available in Japanese, English, French and Chinese.


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